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Villa Kofler

Campitello di Fassa, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy


REFID: #777C62D0
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Locatia si caracteristici

Zona de ski
Val Di Fassa
Vezi harta
Ascensoare si pante
300 m
0 m

Villa Kofler is an exclusive and unique resort located in the region of Val di Fassa Campitello. Dolomite is a true gem for those who follow their passion for what they are skiing, at the same time do not want to sacrifice true luxury and a really comfortable holiday. The refined interior, very interesting, extraordinary design, and at the same time privacy and intimacy of the place make it the best place for couples who appreciate the quality of service and the beauty of his own angle. Great atmosphere, incredible hospitality and warmth of the owners, love of peace, purity, rich modern interiors beautifully integrated into the surrounding nature. Stay in this ministry miracles like this underline the owners themselves, "travel on the road." The concept of 12 different, distinct from one another, incredibly spacious rooms, each decorated in his unique style, reflecting the character of the place, which is called. 12 different styles, 12 fascinating journey to serve 12 different places and emotions that can inspire, all in the unique scenery of the majestic Dolomites. High quality and rich detail, interesting finishes and decorations are just some of the features of the 12 rooms Villa Kofler. Wood, glass and stone elements harmoniously composed interior of each. Creative forms, originality, current trends and a great step towards innovative solutions to delight guests with even the most sophisticated tastes. And to this private corner spa for everyone, and the window breathtaking mountain panorama ...

Description of rooms:

Montreal # 205 - room - cabin (cottage room), duplex of the area. 52 m2 balcony 8 m2. The inspiration for this room is a typical mountain hut, which becomes the guest a true sanctuary full of warmth and emotion. Finished in the original wood mountain chalet bedroom, with climate fireplace are decorated at the bottom, while the relaxation zone belonging to this room is a floor. Exclusive Here you will find an infrared sauna, double shower and a hot tub with chromotherapy.

Milano # 202 - fashion room duplex of the area. 45 m2 10 m2 balcony. Symbol of the city of fashion and elegance, the true temple of sophisticated fabrics, decor very "glamorous" - all hit you right from the entrance. The two-story room where the bottom of the beautiful decorated bedroom with Flou, private bathroom, LCD TV and a closet in the upper part developed as a spa area with a unique character with a 2-person whirlpool tub, Duravit and chromotherapy, a large double shower, infrared sauna and ergonomic chaise lounge Cappellini. This completes the remarkable scenery charming fireplace and famous Teraxacum di Flos lighting. Interiors of a very modern design.

Oslo No. 206 - minimal room duplex of the area. 48 m2 11 m2 balcony. "Less is more" is a famous phrase uttered by the German architect Mies vad der Rohe, who perfected almost describes the concept of simplicity and minimalism. Simple, is not a synonym for the poor, but the basic, including visual perception, in the message that sends environment. This minimalist design living "richness" of the materials used: natural wood and stone. The relaxation area has been fitted with a shower, a hot tub situated in the center, designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit, an infrared sauna, a gas fireplace and a comfortable chaise lounge.

New York No 103 - white room, 32 m2 11 m2 balcony. Color white is here almost the only member of the household and theme. The only trick stylists for these interiors is the use of different materials, fabrics and objects of the same color but different textures, patterns ... bleached wood floors, white walls and dull glowing, white upholstery, white curtains and white fabric, and after all, it is neither a little boring or monotonous. The host in this pristine white room full big round bed Ivano Redaelli signed, situated opposite the gas fireplace and surrounded, semitransparent curtains that allow for full relaxation intimacy ... Besides, infrared sauna, wellness part of this room was supplemented with 2-person hot tub designed by Philippe Starck and an innovative shower with the water flowing directly from the ceiling - regenerating rain colored LED lights.

Ciampedel nr 201 - traditional rooms, duplex or area. Balcony 43 m2 6 m2. Ciampedel it Ladin name Campitello di Fassa, So little room, we can expect the tradition of the style characteristic of this region of northern Italy. Items you have particularly highlighted the presented in made-to-measure furniture experts, masters of interior design with natural wood decorated in shades of blue. At the bottom of this Ladin complex prepared as a spa area with a special bath-shower entirely covered stone artesian with a shower in the form of "rain" flowing from the ceiling, extensive infrared sauna, relaxation room the comfortable mattress laid out on the floor. While on the floor, on a decorated cozy Attic opens its doors to the guests bedroom with double bed the cabinet recessed, bathroom the traditional "muse" Next to the bed. For this breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, giving it a sense of freedom that only this kind of place can offer ...Salzburg nr 203 - romantic room, or area. Balcony 35 m2 8 m2. Elements of interior design in the Baroque style, but in a modern shell give this very special peace of the romantic nature. The wellness area was emphasized stylized Bathtub feet RCD-shaped Lviv and equipped with infrared saunas, shower "dressed" in white marble, the ornate fireplace basin, which complement the project of a harmonious combination of style, dreams of the memory ...

Tokyo # 101 - zen room, with the area. 46 m2 balcony 8 m2. The purpose of this room is a delight and encourage guests to a relaxing pause that kidnaps both mind and body. Zone spa pampers you with a double shower, a bathtub with water flowing in the waterfall with chromotherapy and an infrared sauna for 2 people. The room is decorated based on light-dark contrasts with fragments of decoration made ​​of wood and lit lamps Gervasoni Viabizzuno. Characteristic for the interior of this room is a fireplace and wooden curtains that "filter" space supporting contemplation.

Edinburgh No 104 - folk room, with the area. 33 m2 11 m2 balcony. The leitmotif of this room is the nature. His "core" is a beautiful four-poster bed made ​​by hand and decorated with real tree trunks. With its "back" are on a wooden pedestal two sinks. Also, wardrobe and bookcase are elements of artistic craftsmanship. The only truly modern design element is a new generation of LCD TV is located right next to the fireplace. All sorts of shades of green were chosen as covering a variety of surfaces, which means that one has the impression incredible harmony without borders ...

Montecarlo No. 102 - luxury room, with the area. 38 m2 balcony 7 m2. Double dream deluxe version: here the language contemporary design gets into a dialogue with the luxury and sensuality. The spacious interiors offer a refined and elegant atmosphere enriched by decorated mosaic (Bisazza), a special lamp-sculpture, large fireplace in a modern style and widescreen TV. The furniture is signed by prestigious companies such as Cappellini, Paola Lenti, Flou, Catellani & Smith, and cabinet materials are wrapped in the colors of gold and silver. The continuation of this luxurious open-space is a large spa area with an infrared sauna, bath with shower, in the form of rain flowing from the ceiling with special holes for massage and LED lights for chromotherapy ...

Innsbruck No 204 - Tyrolean room, with the area. 35 m2 balcony 13 m2. The room disguised as a classic Tyrolean "stube". In the center of the room we find the typical Tyrolean bed material is predominantly in the wood, which in this style of interior design can not fail, and the color theme is red. It all has on the one hand to continue the tradition, on the other hand, give the interior the style-character. Part of the night was equipped with a double bed King-size bed Flou and LCD TV (wall), and the wellness area you will wait for a beautiful luxurious shower fully lined with stone artesian with a shower in the form of rain flowing from the ceiling, with massage and chromotherapy and a spacious sauna Infrared.

London # 301 - apartment "chic" of the area. 40 m2 balcony 8 m2. The choice of colors - from dark shades resembling the color of the smoke after an interesting shade of blue known in Italian "carta da zucchero" is what makes the character of a typical "British style". The most characteristic elements of Design is a reproduction of the classic British upholstery (DePadova), delicately decorated bed and some furniture Gervasoni, a large lamp Flos, which beautifully illuminates the stylish lacquered table. For this practical and enjoyable angle with kitchenette, to be able to prepare something delicious. This apartment is perfect for couples surrounded by absolutely "chic".

Copenhagen # 302 - suite "design" of the area. 55 m2 balcony 5 m2. At this spacious loft theme is the word "designs". All decorated with the idea, originally ... very bright and well-equipped kitchen with white Saarinen table enriched with Panton chairs. In the corner, hung on a slant ceiling, swing-chair of the subtle shape of an egg (Bonacina "Egg"), reminding us of Design classic 60s. In another corner of the apartment prepared lounge with "geometric bed" accompanied by the red poof "Fatboy" with fireplace and LCD TV. Apart from the wellness center equipped with a sauna and a spacious shower, surprise is the 2-seater hot tub with chromotherapy set in the bedroom next to the bed marital Flou.

From the kitchen:

In addition to beautiful interiors and an excellent holiday which we find in "their own corners" owners prepared for the guests exclusive restaurant, where guests can greet the day savoring a rich and nutritious breakfast or go for a romantic evening and an unforgettable evening.


Philosophy of life beautifully, without forgetting the spirit of the place and the new trends related to the concept of internationality are the main assumptions that have adopted the owners of Villa Kofler designing it especially for you ...


Wi-Fi at the reception, the rooms through a network cable. Service Pay: 1h - 3 euros; 3h - 5 euros; 5h - 7 euros.

Magie Sella Ronda

Val Di Fassa trasee si lifturi

Val Di Fassa trasee si lifturi

Usoare 46 km / 26%
Medii 116 km / 64%
Dificile 18 km / 10%
Iluminate 1.2 km
Impreuna 180 km
Telecabina 10
Telescaun 28
Teleschi 16
Snow Park 2
Impreuna 54 / 60 km

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Streda/Via Dolomites 63
38031 Campitello di Fassa (TN)


Latitudine : 46.4751909
Longitudine : 11.7399115

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